The guitars on this page were bought, and then sold. Each of these guitars had inadequate qualities. It's not that they're cheaply made guitars or worthless so much as it is these specific guitars didn't meet my requirements.

I don't like guitars that use single coil pickups, i.e., Stratocasters, Telecasters, etc. That also leaves out the Epiphone Casino, as it's stock pickups are P-90s. On the Casino I play, the pickups have been changed...replaced with Gretsch Blacktop Filter'Trons. All of the guitars I use have Humbucker pickups installed. It's just a matter of personal, tonal preference.

Gretsch guitars and SGs are my guitars of choice. Except for the solid body SGs I play, the remaining guitars are all archtop guitars, either semi-hollow or hollow bodied. I much prefer semi-hollow bodied guitars to hollow bodied guitars.

The Casino is a hollow-bodied guitar but I put up with that because of it's ease of play, its ability to stay tuned, and also due to its new-found "sound" since the pickups were changed.

I've been through a lot of guitars during the past several years trying to find the right guitars for me.

And as far as I'm concerned, there's something just not right for me in any of the following guitars I've sold.

See..."Guitars in Use".


SOLD...Epiphone "Wilkat" KOA Wood

SOLD...Fender CD-140SCE 12-String Acoustic/Electric Guitar

SOLD...Ibanez AS7312 Semi-Hollow Body 12-String Guitar (Heavily Modified)

SOLD...Martin LX1E (Little Martin) Acoustic Guitar

SOLD...Squire Fender Stratocaster Affinity...first modified like this.

SOLD...This is the same guitar as the guitar on the left. It was remodified, and sold in the condition it's in within this photo.

SOLD...Fender Squire Telecaster Affinity

SOLD...Gretsch G5230T Electromatic Jet FT Electric Guitar

SOLD...Fender CD-60SCE Soild Top Acoustic/Electric 6-String Guitar